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It is true, I don’t “blog” here frequently, neither in the other sections. I noticed that inspite of that, the blog is actually relatively popular. I currently have one of these periods in which I do not really know what to read. I’m currently reading through the pulp-work Pagan Resurrection of Richard Rudgley. I expect to review it shortly.
Also among my now-reading books is Forgotten Thruth: the primordial tradition of Huston Smith. This is a Traditionalistic book published in 1975, so between the high flight times of Guénon, but before the modern revival. What I have read now it is just another anti-modernist writing, not really the metaphysical approach of Guénon. It is not such a large book, so I expect to finish it within a couple of weeks.
Yet another one I am not sure to review or not, but it is a nice book about the history of Dutch literature called Stemmen op schrift and it is written by Frits van Oostrom. Van Oostrum nicely retails the medieval stories in the beginning of the book. This is not a book that I really wanted to read or review, but it will remain on the shelve for times when I am waiting for my next book. The same goes for Grimm’s Deutsche Mythologie by the way.
Besides all of this I’m rereading material for another project I’m working on. Time will tell if this becomes something to give more details about.

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