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When I am home I virtually always have music playing. More and more often it happens that I don’t feel like chosing something particular and I can’t keep on playing my own Spotify playlists over and over again. I find almost no Spotify playlists of other users that I enjoy and the Spotify radio function sucks, so do the discover weekly and personalised playlists.

I’ve had some webradio station for many years. Some just disappear all the sudden, others keep playing the same music. A while ago I was looking for interesting radio stations. Perhaps the list can be of help to you too.


For a long time, Xwave has been my most played station. I found them in the time that I listened to “minimal wave” quite a bit. It’s not like they play a whole lot of it, but especially a while ago they almost always played enjoyable music. Whether it be punk(y), 1980’ies wave and gothic or more modern wave and gothic music, it was usually good. I discovered some great bands through Xwave.
Since a while there are more and more songs played that I do not like. Experimental, jazzy, soundscape things. Sometimes it even sounds like it became another channel. At other times the music is at good as it used to be.
Big plus for Xwave: many radios appear to be a server with a load of mp3s that are played at random. Xwave seems to have real DJs, at least sometimes. One time there even was a guy announcing the music. That’s not necessary for me, but it does make Xwave more ‘real radio’ than many webradios.

Laut.fm Nonpop

Nonpop comes closest to ‘my music’, yet I seldom listen to them. They’ve got a lot of annoying experimental music. What also doesn’t help is that different styles are mixed, some minimal wave song is followed by black metal or noise. Another problem is that there is way too much the same music. After perhaps as long as a decade I can still put on Nonpop on Sunday evening at 20.00 to listen to the same Galakthorrö tracks, which I sometimes do when I feel like listening to it, but just saying.

Laut.fm Bleak Radio

An alright station that I play sometimes. They have their moments of wave and more industrial music, but also here, the same tracks too often.

Radio Caprice EBM

Like Laut.fm for Germany, Radio Caprice seems to be a place where people can start their radio stations in Russia. A few are interesting. This EBM station is mildly so. They are more consistent in playing EBM than the one below, but actually I almost only like the “old school” style of the genre. This same problem we will see in other genre radios. I don’t play this station often.

Laut.fm radio Body Music

And again a Laut.fm channel. They do not, as the name suggests, just play EBM. There is also (minimal) wave, sometimes a bit of gothic or electropunk. At times this station is as good as Xwave. It is usually my go-to when Xwave has a period of music that I don’t care for.


Most of the music that is called “rhythmic noise” is not my thing, but Renoize manages to almost always play good music. It is usually pretty loud too, contrary to what I think of most “rhythmic noise”. So loud even that I don’t all that often feel like playing Renoize. When my head feels like loud, rhythmic music, Renoize makes that I seldom have to look elsewhere.

Radio Caprice Dark Ambient

There isn’t a whole lot of dark ambient that I like nowadays. Most is too sweet for my ears. Being a genre radio, this one plays a variety of dark ambient, so it doesn’t happen all that often that they play something that I like for a longer period. It does serve as background music for when reading sometimes.

Radio Caprice Minimal Techno

Indeed, I don’t just listen to industrial(-related) music. This channel offers what it proves with no surprises. Not one that I play often, but when I feel like something different…

Radio Record Dubstep

Another genre that I have mixed feelings about. Often Dubstep has these annoying female baby voices, slowed down male singing (awful) or the tracks start with happy uptempo europop-type music to extremely slow down halfway the track when things get more interesting. I’m a lot better with the “filthstep” style, slow, dark, filthy. This channel has them both. Sometimes there’s an hour of great music followed by terrible tunes.

Radio Caprice Drum & Bass

As above, D&B is a genre that I like a part of, usually the more uptempo and minimalist type. This channel plays all styles, from rave-like happy sounds with female vocals, to darker forms of D7B.

Laut.fm DNBzone

As above, the Caprice channel is a bit better.

Nautic Radio

I can no longer find a good harsh techno (tekno) station. The Third Movement Radio used to be great, but it seems to be taken offline. Nautic plays a variety of harder types of techno music, but often not hard enough for my ears.

Radio Caprice Hardstyle

My biggest problem with “hardstyle” is that it is way too happy for me. This station also plays some more minimalist (no vocals) “tekno” sometimes, but most of the time they play not my kind of techno.

Radio Caprice Funeral Doom

And now for something completely different. Caprice also has a doom metal station, but this is mostly the depressive variety. I like my doom even slower, so then you quickly run into the “funeral” type. Then again, even within this style I like only a few bands. Usually I don’t like the vocals or the music is simply not dark enough. My own Spotify playlist is better, but this station can function when I don’t want to hear my own list again.

Radio Caprice Sludge Metal

Not a type of music that I listen to very often, but this radio is good for when I do.

Radio Caprice Stoner Metal

As above.

Laut.fm Thrashordie

There used to be a great radio from France playing mostly old school thrash metal: Trashzone Radio. Unfortunately this station has folded. Thrashordie is a descent alternative. The music is mostly old school (yes: big hair, high vocals, uptempo). I hear the same songs too often which is a reason to not play this station too often, but this is a good source of old school thrash.

Radio Caprice Melodic Death Metal

The name suggests a Dark Tranquillity music type station, but even though this is there every once in a while, there is mostly annoying modern screamo type of metal here.

Radio Caprice Industrial Metal

Ministry, KMFDM, etc., but also a lot less interesting modern type of “cyber metal”.

Radio Caprice Horror Punk

Good for every now and then. A good track here and there.

Radio Caprice Psychobilly

As above. The music sounds a bit too much like Rockabilly frequently.

Radio Caprice Gothic Rock

I like but a few bands, but this is a station when I feel like hearing old and new goth.

Laut.fm Punk and Disorderly the 80s

A pretty good station with punk and other weird music. The punk is often of the good, uptempo, Exploited type, the other 80s music is often good too


This “Scheiss Indie” recent discovery is a station that I go to more and more often. They play a wide range of weird music, including noise rock (where elsewhere do you find that?), punk, electropunk, etc. Whenever I feel like energetic guitar-based music that is not metal, this is my first choice more and more often.

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