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My musical autobiography playlist

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Have I reached that age of starting to look back to what once was? Before I started reviewing on a website, I had quite a ‘musical past’. For one, for a couple of years I was quite a Mortiis fan. Somehow Spotify drew me to seeing what of my ‘old music’ is available and I noticed that Mortiis has a playlist with “strange and not so strange music that shaped my life“. Having corresponded with the good man for several years, it was no surprise to me that this short playlist contains mostly metal.

A couple of years ago I wrote “my early days in dark music” and Mortiis’ playlist got me thinking to see what of my music is available on Spotify and if it would be fun to make a playlist of it.

So, I went back in my memory, see what artists I remember I used to like. This goes back to around my 10th or 11th when I shocked my classmates when I said I liked Prince. I had been a varied music listener before then, mostly thanks to my father’s wide taste and a brother that was equally addicted as I was. After a Guns ‘n’ Roses phase I started to shift towards ‘alternative’ pop, mostly guitar based, Nirvana, Faith No More, you know it. Then comes the time described in the “my early days…” text, so just continue there.

As you can see in that text, my musical taste did not develop in a linear way. Looking back, I was trying to find all kinds of interesting music at the same time, being it metal or its dark alternatives. Therefor a playlist can never be chronological. I tried to make the order so that it gives an idea of how my tastes developed though. I also tried to give some ‘weight’ to musical styles. When there are several tracks in the same style, I (used to) listen to that style either a lot or a longer period of time (but I have but one track per artist). When there is just one or two tracks in a style, I either only listen to it every now and then or only for a short period. The place in the playlist should give a (rough) idea of when I discovered such a style.

The playlist is not quite finished. I realize that I listen quite often to “minimal wave”, but there is almost no music of this style in the list.

Also I listen quite a bit to music that is not available on Spotify, so there is another grain of salt to take when looking at the list. Also I may be adding, replacing or removing tracks or moving tracks within the list when I listen to it better. At the time of writing, it is a 1.0.

So, should you be interested and you have Spotify, check out the playlist.

Nowadays the music I play flies from pop to power electronics and from funeral jazz to contemporary classical. I did not try to ram that all in the list. Just check out my other playlists if you are interested in my contemporary plays. And of course the music reviews section of this website.

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