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Film 2017

I seldom watch a film as soon as it comes out. In 2017 I saw five films of the same year: Baby Driver, The Last Jedi, Ghost In The Shell, The Beguiled and Trainspotting 2. It would be a bit odd to make a top-list of these few titles. When I add series, I can mention Twin Peaks 3 and American Gods 1. These are both better than all of the mentioned films.

I actually rated the films fairly highly. Baby Driver, Ghost and T2 all got four out of five stars, but I remember liking the first part of T2, but that it was going down after. I hardly remember Ghost In The Shell and Baby Driver I saw so recently that that is not really fair.

So what about films that I saw in 2017? The film I have best recollections of is Midnight Special (2016, 4 stars), but I do wonder why I gave The Jacket only three stars.

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