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So I have switched hosts. The new host is considerably cheaper. In the transition I have cleaned up and slightly restructured the website. During the years a lot of junk was collected in the database. That is now gone. I have replaced some content from the website. I no longer use “custom post types” within the subsites to create “blogs”, tell “stories” or present “quotes”. When I started with that, I thought “custom post types” would be integrated within WordPress, but after 10 years they still require extra work to make, maintain and especially: show them. Therefor I have moved them to another subsite (“the blogs”) so I could use standard WordPress functionality. The “the blogs” site replaces the “news” site. It just collects all types of posts that I want to keep apart from the normal posts of the sites. Not too fancy, but it saves me a few plugins and an occasional headache. “News” simply became a page.

Another plugin that I stopped using because it had not had any updates for years is a great plugin that I used to make a simple list with all latest additions across the site (“news”), which also worked in “widgets”. I have made a somewhat less fancy alternative, again using a plugin, but hopefully this one will be maintained in the future.

So, a somewhat simplified, hopefully easier to maintain. Since WordPress in a new install is not exactly the same as it was a decade ago, I have to replace all images, since the links to these images no longer work (uploads are stored differently). With thousands of reviews, you can imagine that this is quite a job, so please bear with me for a while, because I can only start with that when the new site is live (otherwise the urls will still be wrong).

I had prepared the new website on the background, but on moving the domain, it proved ‘easiest’ to rebuild the whole website again. That was not the way I had in mind to move over. I had been ‘practicing’ with ‘cloning’ the website, build a new one on the old database, but was not as easy as it sounds. Then I recreated the website slightly differently, but when the domain ‘arrived’ at the new host, I had to recreate the website again. Hopefully I have not missed internal links, images, etc. in that stressful afternoon. Then again, here we are with a new on another host. Let me know when you find something funky.

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