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I have had a website online for about 9 years. Since the beginning I have published music reviews and articles, later also book- and filmreviews. Much has changed in those years, especially with music and film. The music scene that I am mostly involved in was tiny in these days. A normal pressing of a cd was 2000 copies or so and the best way to learn about new music was to read (online) magazines. Nothing like that anymore. Nowadays, when you hear a bandname, you go to their Myspace to listen to their music, you have to find similar bands and most of all, all kinds of places on the world wide web to listen to music legally or get it illegally. Is there still a need for a music reviews website? Personally I have never really known a website where I could read about music that I am interested in (after Funprox stopped that is) and I have moved along a bit with my time. When some distributor has a band that I do not know, I check their Myspace or try to listen to their music in some other way before I buy an album. Safer, sure. Would my music reviews section give people ideas for music (to download) or do people get their information in another way, such as fellow P2P user lists? When I check my statistics I see that my music reviews section is the most popular after the articles section, on average 60 unique visitors a day last week (997 hits). That is not so bad.
Similar thoughts apply to the film reviews section, my least popular section (26/524). When you learn about a title, you can watch the trailer on Youtube or whereever, but with films I do prefer myself to read a review before I watch it, but also here I do not really know a place to read reviews of films of my interest.
The close the line, the book reviews section comes at 41/246 in the last week and articles at 91/676, pretty high thinking of it that nothing really happens there, but I have a few popular articles that Wikipedia links to and that helps a lot.
There is no doubt in my mind about the articles and book reviews sections, but these are the slowest going and they require most effort and therefor these other two make that in most cases at least once a week something new can be read at and that can be a reason too to keep maintaining these two sections.

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