In Memoriam: Arjen Grolleman

This morning I heard of the sudden pass away of Arjen Grolleman (1972-2010). Dutch people will probably know him. Arjen was one of the founders of the alternative radio canal Kink FM on which he enthousiastically hosted the weekly show called X Rated. In the early days I listened to X Rated each week, since it was the one and only ‘public place’ to listen to ‘dark music’. X Rated plays neofolk to industrial and difficult dance music to neoclassical avantgarde. In recent years the style was mostly avantgardistic and not really my style, so seldom listen to the show these days. Also coming to concerts, Arjen was involved in our minor scene. An active supporter and on a relatively large scale too.
Let us hope there is also music in the next life………..

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