I don’t remember what I was looking for, but last week I was on, not a website where I can be found very often. I stumbled upon Herz Jühning, a name that didn’t ring a bell. The man appeared to be on Galakthorrö, so I decided to see if I could listen to some music ( doesn’t offer any.) Since everybody seems to have a Myspace, also does Jühning. Very nice industrial disco. Perhaps a bit too much reminding of Haus Arafna, but very, very nice. Jühning only has a sold out 7″. Too bad!

This running into Galakthorrö made me decide to have a better look at the label. Their “Galakthorrö – Kosmoloko” compilation has some nice tracks on it from Haus Arafna and November Növelet (of course), but also Karl Runau and Maska Genetik. The last project Subliminal has better tracks on her Myspace than on the compilation. So, I got in contact with Galakthorrö and ordered some albums that I should have bought before. Too bad that there is nothing available from Maska Genetik anymore.

In any case, I had heard the term “angstpop” before, but I didn’t know what people mean with it. It appears to refer to music in ‘the Galakthorrö vein’, the not (too) industrial or noise tracks of Haus Arafna or November Növelet, Karl Runau, etc. The label itself uses the term too. So I guess I missed something. In any case, the term now seems to be (ab)used in many ways. It is an album by SPK, there is a website which is about a much larger scope of music, new bands having nothing to do with Galakthorrö claim to play “angstpop” (and indeed a band such as the Dutch Distel has a ‘Galakthorric sound’). I guess after 10 years of existence, mr. and mrs. Arafna have made way to a new trend. I’ll just look around a little to see if it’s all good enough to listen to.

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