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Wicker weekend

Last weekend I saw both Wicker Man films, the 1973 original and the 2006 remake and I just see that I ‘blogged’ about these films before.

For some reason I thought to remember that I thought the remake was not as bad as everybody says, but the remake actually is bad and my review says as much, so that recollection of it being not that bad somehow entered my mind. Like I said before, my girlfriend does not like to watch the original because of the end, so I put it on last Friday when I had the house to myself. When I jokingly said that we could watch the remake on Saturday, she agreed, since apparently burning up Nicholas Cage is less of a problem.

Yes, the original is moody, hippieish, erotic with a well written script that makes sense and the remake is nothing like all that. The songs have been cut out, the erotic elements are gone, Lord Summersisle became a Lady who leads some bee-like community in which men are second-rate citizens. Also Edward Malus (what a name) suddenly became the father of the missing girl and he dropped his Christian nature. The story is flawed here and there. Everything points towards this being a too hasty remake. Hopefully other people will see this too and watch the classic original.

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