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Apparently there is more and more attention for local variations of language: dialect or slang. Quite some time ago I wrote a little article about the subject and in this book reviews section I reviewed a few ‘books‘ about the subject. Last weekend we were in the Noord-Brabants Museum in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and in the little shop my eye fell on a few titles about the dialect from (Eastern) Brabant, the province that I live in. I bought two of them and both proved to be by Cor Swanenburg of whom I also have another title. The first is just a collection of sayings and anecdotes (very amusing), but the other is quite a ‘scholarly’ booklet about the history of slang and the Dutch language, pronounciation and writing guides and comparisons of different variants, because in an area as large as Eastern Brabant, the dialects differ quite a bit. Again there is too much focus on the more North-Eastern part of the district and the dialect differs quite a bit were I am from, but there is also information about my own region and constant references to a writer (Ad the Bont) from a village only a few kilometers from where I was born, who also wrote a book on the local dialect, so I ordered that one too. I will review them when I have finished reading them.

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