Still an addict

Not much music reviews recently, but I am as much a music addict as I used to be. It is just that I do not run into new things that I really like very often. I listen to a variety of music styles nowadays. My ‘usual’ or ‘old’ scenes do not present all that many interesting releases. I am curious about the upcoming Sophia (but not so much that I went to see them live), a lot less so about the new Der Blutharsch. New releases of ‘old labels’ (Cold Spring, Cyclic Law) are not often groundbreaking to my ears. Even ‘new labels’ such as Bel├Ąten and Aufnahme + Wiedergabe do not seem as interesting as when I just discovered them.

Nowadays I like to listen to X-Wave Radio. Most music is not great, but almost none of it is really bad and I like the easy tunes of “minimal wave”. When I play music myself it can either be a rock thing like A Place To Bury Strangers or The Dead Weather, or something more noisy (Ex.Order, Operation Cleansweep), but I can just as well feel like playing some breakcore, tekno and recently old-fashioned thrash metal (listen to Trash Zone Radio).

But something I did not know and great? Not so often. Is it me growing old?

I do not visit a whole lot of concerts these days. There are not many things that I really need to see (if there is anything at all), but the Wave Gotik Treffen is growing to be a yearly event for me and I am surely going to see Thorofon there this year!

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