Still an addict

Not much music reviews recently, but I am as much a music addict as I used to be. It is just that I do not run into new things that I really like very often. I listen to a variety of music styles nowadays. My ‘usual’ or ‘old’ scenes do not present all that many interesting releases. I am curious about the upcoming Sophia (but not so much that I went to see them live), a lot less so about the new Der Blutharsch. New releases of ‘old labels’ (Cold Spring, Cyclic Law) are not often groundbreaking to my ears. Even ‘new labels’ such as Beläten and Aufnahme + Wiedergabe do not seem as interesting as when I just discovered them.

Nowadays I like to listen to X-Wave Radio. Most music is not great, but almost none of it is really bad and I like the easy tunes of “minimal wave”. When I play music myself it can either be a rock thing like A Place To Bury Strangers or The Dead Weather, or something more noisy (Ex.Order, Operation Cleansweep), but I can just as well feel like playing some breakcore, tekno and recently old-fashioned thrash metal (listen to Trash Zone Radio).

But something I did not know and great? Not so often. Is it me growing old?

I do not visit a whole lot of concerts these days. There are not many things that I really need to see (if there is anything at all), but the Wave Gotik Treffen is growing to be a yearly event for me and I am surely going to see Thorofon there this year!

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