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The Wicker Man

Surprise surprise, last Sunday my girlfriend wanted to see “The Wicker Man“; she never does, because she doesn’t like the end where Sergeant Howie has his appointment with the Wicker Man. Personally I think that Howie is an arrogant prick, so I don’t really dislike the overdramatisation of an ancient Celtic ritual. In the remake she didn’t think it so bad that Nicholas Cage ended the same way, which reminds me that I have to buy that remake some time too. For only a few euros though, since it is not half as good as the original.
By the way: where is my review of the remake? We went to see it in the cinema and I surely reviewed it. Did I miss it when I transferred my reviews from to Stupid me!

[edit 23/7/08] I indeed forgot to copy it, but I got it back, just click here. Before, I already found the DVD for 5 euros plus shipping. That is a fine price for a bad film 😛

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