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This could become the most active “sections blog”, since I might not always watch new films (that can be reviewed), but I also often watch older films or series. For example, we have taken “The Prisoner” from the shelves and have started to watch it again and last week I bought “Riget”/”The Kingdom” which always nice to see again. Yet another series, I still plan to start buying “X-Files” series boxes and watch the series again. I loved the series when they were on TV, taped all of them, bought the VHS tapes, etc. but in these times of DVD… It should be fun to start with episode one.
Other films that I reviewed but watch(ed) again are the great “La Antena” or always great films such as “Delicatessen”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Sin City”, etc. Oh, and I want to see “Beowulf” again too, but of course not in 3D, since I do not believe there is a 3D DVD version.

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