Consumer Electronics vs Sleaford Mods

I have known the name Consumer Electronics for a long time. ‘Some old power electronics project, probably sounding like Whitehouse and Merzbow’, I thought, so I never paid much attention. Recently I am digging through the old industrial past and Consumer Electronics proved to be even older than I thought. I listened to “Estuary English” on Deezer and actually liked it a lot. Not earcracking power electronics, but ‘listenable’ noise with extremely aggressive vocals, screamed with a lot of cursing and swearing. The album starts with ranted ‘minimal wave’ and gets more and more extreme in music as the release continues. The vocals and lyrics are so filthy that the smile on my face grew with each track.

A band that I ‘accidentally’ found on Deezer are Sleaford Mods. This band has albums with very minimalistic music, sometimes electronic, sometimes with simple guitar playing, and then with a tsunami of dirty lyrics. Both Sleaford Mods’ and Consumer Electronics’ vocalists have a thick, British accent and the way the lyrics are presented, are quite alike (Consumer Electronics sounds a lot more aggressive though. “Funny”, I thought.

Than I found out that these two pretty different bands share a release: “Harbinger Sound @ The 100 Club“, a double 7″ with the two mentioned bands and a band named Sudden Infant. This double 7” is very limited and very expensive to get. Now there is a ‘summery’ released on one 7″ with one track of the two projects under discussion, again very limited. The vocals of the CE track are (for a change?) not by Philip Best, but by Sarah Froelich and I must say, Sarah has a pretty dirty mouth as well! The Mods track is ‘the usual sound’, but a nice track.

Then there is another new release of CE: “Repetition Reinforcement“. The sound is a lot ‘softer’ than what I got used to of CE, the vocals are spoken/whispered (male and still dirty). These two tracks are actually also very enjoyable.

Consumer Electronics “Experimental Electronic music [since] 1982”! Sleaford Mods are 25 years younger! (Musically)
By the way, the Mods’ singer is featured on the latest Prodigy album, so I guess the band with get some extra attention in the coming period.

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