Wilt, Trauma, Lithotome

Since I wanted one of the 100 copies of the Funerary Call / Crown of Bone split tape, I added a few title from the Fall of Nature catalogue. The descriptions sounded interesting, the music does not…

“After Visiting Hours” of Trauma is not awfull, just not really good. Trauma made noisy soundscapes, here and there good, but mostly too monotous for my taste.

A similar description I can give about “A Daemonic Alteration” of Wilt. Not bad, but not something I will play often, especially not when I have to dig into my tape archive.

The Lithotome tape proves to be somewhat of an accident, it is a death metal tape! Not exactly my kind of music, so I have not heard all of it and I doubt that is going to happen. This tapes proves to be released by Broken Limbs Records by the way, so Fall of Nature is also a distro.

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