Distel and ‘the new music’

Before Bandcamp and Soundcloud became the way for new bands to present themselves, they used Myspace. I never used Myspace much, but one time (in 2008/9 or so) I was searching around a bit and found out that there is a Dutch project that tagged itself “angstpop”. I liked the music a lot, but even saw him/them live before the debut 7″ came out in 2010.

I guess I knew that material would be released on the Dutch label Enfant Terrible that releases all kinds of strange electronic music, tagging it as “minimal”, “minimal wave”, “minimal electronics”, “dirty disco” and what not. I tried to listen to the music, liked some of it, but I was mostly surprised by the vastness of this scene with tons of bands, projects and labels that I never heard of. From there I bumped into other labels (‘kindred scenes’?) and some of the music that I listen to still does.

Much later Distel started a Facebook page and every now and then Nijland announces a release that he cooperated on and so I only recently I discovered Trepaneringsritualen (that I knew by name but stupidly enough never listened to) and recently the Aufnahme + Wiedergabe label from Berlin and the Swedish Beläten label (of Thomas Ekelund of Trepaneringsritualen).

There was a time that I ‘accidentally’ bumped into all kinds of things new and hip-to-be, nowadays Nijland always seems two steps ahead of me inspite of Last.fm, Deezer, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc. My rising age perhaps?

As a sidenote I can add that I sometimes listen to the webradios of Nonpop and Kulturterrorizmus. Yesterday I noticed that Nonpop also plays Beläten music, so there may be another channel to keep an ear on.

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