Symbols and symbolism

When you follow these pages, it will be no surprise that I am of the opinion that in your time and society people have lost every feeling for symbolism. People no longer understand ornamentation in architecture or symbolism from older times in general. Logos, that is the kind of symbolism that people understand and traffic signs, these are part of everyday life. Symbols that people are no longer familiar with, are often regarded skew eyes. This is not strange, because strong symbols are often used in politics and the worst example is of course the misuse of symbols during WWII. This sometimes (often?) leads to situations in which people do not understand a symbol, so they link it to ‘these other dangerous symbols’. More often it happens that people see a symbol, figure that it might mean something, so they will not ask about it, fearing that they will get a story that they are not interested in or worse, that they do not understand. I vastly enjoy symbolism and find it usefull too. I have several tattoos that are not often visible, but when they are, 99 out of 100 people do not dare to ask what they mean (which is for the better, since I would not know to explain them to most people). With tshirts (and jewlery) I do something similar. I also like playing with this. I like to wear a shirt with some logo on it that almost nobody will recognise and that also look like a symbol; or a text or a text-logo that makes a shirt look like these cheesy shirts that you buy in cheesy clothing shops, but they are not… Just a few examples above.

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