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Boy do I have little inspiration to write articles! I have a longer text submitted to a periodical, but things are quiet from their part, so in between I decided to reread the great book “De Graal” of Koenraad Logghe which I was sure would bring me some ideas, but not really… I did not come any further than making quotes from the book so far. Is there anything that you would like me to write about? Something that needs clarification or something that you think I know something about?

2 thoughts on “Requests?”

  1. Have you ever studied the Christian Kabbalist writings of the 17th century London-based Philadelphian Society and Jane Leade?
    I realize that around 1986, a pretty good article on Joseph Smith and the Kabbalah was written that exposed his Kabbalah-based teachings relative to his mentor, Alexander Neibaur. [] Have you ever considered that Rosicrucian, Mormon, and Freemason doctrines contain Christian Kabbalah doctrines?

    1. Neither the Philedelphian Society nor Jane Leade really ring a bell. That could be something to look into were it not that I haven’t done much with this subject for many years. Too many perhaps, so who knows… and thank you for the link.

      Well, that Rosicrucian ideas are akin to the Christian Cabala is no surprise, so that some of these ideas poured into Masonry not really either. Mormons? Hm, when you think of it, that is indeed not completely unlikely, but this is not the first thing that people think of when thinking of Mormons.

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