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We usually spend one evening a week watching series. Not on TV though, I am terrible with following things on TV, I just want to watch something when I want to watch it. Also I am no fond of all these 7+ season series and consequentally not of still running series. Also I find little of interest actually.

After the very good series “Intelligence“, we did not have much luck.

We watched a few episodes of “Engrenages“, a French police series with a rather predictable story-line and the obligatory gruesome serial killer elements.

We have tried two series of the lauded series “Game Of Thrones“, but close to nothing in it happens that interests me. Almost never I looked forward to the next episode and even the series endings are not too ‘cliffhanging’.

I think I forget one, but currently we are watching season 1 of “Mad Men“. I heard there are “Twin Peaks” actors in it and that it has “Twin Peaks” elements. Well, not in the first series! Judging, Ray Wise features in 4 episodes in the 4th to 7th series. In any case, however the series has nice humour and I like the 1950’ies atmosphere, there is nothing interesting in the story and I doubt I will want to continue with the next series. Besides, I just find out that it is a 7+ season series and still running…

Since series seem to have become terribly popular, there might a lot be left to check out. I like the stranger series, “Twin Peaks”, “The Prisoner”, “Carnivale”, that sort of stuff, but as you can see with “Intelligence”, a well written ‘normal series’ can be good too. Tips are welcome.

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