Summer Darkness 2011

We are already home from Summer Darkness 2011. They got a lot less money from the city of Utrecht so the setup became again more compact. 4 Locations, one of which public and less, but mostly, less interesting bands. I wonder about the number of visitors, but I cannot find any information yet. Last year there were some 6800 people, so Summer Darkness is about a third in size of the Wave Gotik Treffen. We arrived yesterday and the first act I wanted to see was Kristus Kut. His shows appear to be quite something, but every time he is around, there is some reason I cannot go and see him. This time we arrived way too late… We did see the Law-Rah collective, also on the Kink FM stage in the tiny ‘mirror room’ at the attic of Tivoli Oude Gracht. Then we went down to the big room of Tivoli to see Rome. I have seen Rome several times and the music does not get more interesting. The show was just alright. Next up, ORE. A couple of months I saw them giving an awfull show in Rotterdam, yesterday was not too bad. Songs from ‘the middle period’, a good-old explicit pornmovie on the back; moody. After dinner we got a few songs of Kirlian Camera in Tivoli De Helling (a half hour walk). They have become very synthypop! It was not awfull, but not really my cup of tea either. 16Pad Noise Terrorist was very nice, better than on cd. Hard drum’n’bass with a little “rhythmic noise”. I find it always funny to s see how many ‘normal people’ come to see these hard, but danceable (I guess that is the reason) kinds of music. On the way back to the hotel, we got a glimpse VNV Nation. A packed Tivoli Oude Gracht, but synthpop, not my style…
For today we did not have tickets, but we got some only for the Kink FM stage. For Greater Good, a few nice tracks; Akoustik Timbre Frekuency (a boring new age ‘singing bowl’ performance) and Machinist who gave away a nice soundscape.

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