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Demo covers

Yesterday I needed a cassette tape to check if I connected my tape player correctly. Since then I have been delving through my demo collection. I thought it would be nice to share some covers with you. When you can read an address, the chance is small that it is still correct. These demos are from about 1991 to 2000. Contrary to my ancient flyer publication of a while back, I did not use the scanner this time. It was a ‘quicky’ using my camera-phone, so no guarantees for quality. I have not checked if these demos are on Discogs, if all projects still exist or exist again and I picked them relatively at random, but of course some brought back memories so they were easiest to pick. There may be something for many of you here!

3 thoughts on “Demo covers”

  1. Discovered your site while looking for information on so-called Christian Cabala years ago (so-called since is has hardly anything to do with the Jewish mystical traditions it claims to be inspired by), just noticed you also write about music. I know some of these tapes to be great.
    Rotting Christ are still around, Hades are now called Hades Almighty.
    Christos Beest, who did that fascinating ONA recording, is no longer a member of the Order of Nine Angles as far as I know. Do you also have some of their writings? Though ‘there are a lot of characteristic differences and contrasting principles that divide Satanism and National Socialism from each other’ (quoting Katharsis vocalist Drakh here since I like the band and he put it pretty well), this order did a rather nice try, the writings not being the waste of time one should expect so-called Nazi Satanist stuff to be.

    1. I may have gotten some ONA material in my Bælder time, but I never had much of an interest in ONA. I got the tape when a Dutchman moved to the Bælder headquarters permanently and had to get rid of some stuff in his old house.

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