De Laffe Denker

I had to unplug some audio equipment from my amplifier and when reconnecting everything I, of course, had to check if everything worked again. For the recordplayer I used a picture 7″ of Amber Asylum, for my tapedeck the 1996 demo “De Laffe Denker” (‘the cowardish thinker’) of Mildreda. I did not immediately remember what kind of music it was. The demo opens with a slow, pompous industrial track, slightly reminding of In Slaughter Natives. After that memories come back soon. Mildreda made that rather typical slow and dark electro with those typical vocoder vocals. It was quite nice to hear it again. When looking if there would be any information about this demo on the www, I noticed that Mildreda is back again and only a few months ago put their demo online for free download. It’s a small world afterall.
Currently I am playing the “Raining December” demo (2000) of the Russian Stillife, a not too entertaining mix of soft electro and darkwave. Also this band still seems to be around.
I have a lot of demos from about 1992 to 2002, perhaps I will have a closer look tonight!

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