Wave Gotik Treffen 2011

Last weekend we attended the 20th Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig. This year’s WGT was again a great one, even though there were no bands that I was anxious to see and music-wise there were no real highlights. The combined show of Sophia and Karjalan Sissit was very enjoyable though. They played tracks of each project and even though Pessonen was completely drunk, his performance was rememberable. Other niceties were the psychobilly and horror punk program on Monday in the Werk II venue. It looks like it that the organisation of the WGT tries to connect the ‘dark scenes’. Also Monday we saw Lustmord. Extremely dark and with extremely high volume, too high actually. One thing that I will remember of this year, is that almost every place was overcrowded. Even an unknown project such as Agent Side Grinder had a small venue completely stuffed with people. On Monday there were thousands of people waiting to get in to the hall where Dive would perform and the Kuppelhalle had audiences canned like sardines each time we were there. It seems like there have been 20.000 people in Leipzig for the WGT, not more than other years. So how does it come that Feindflug plays for thousands of them in a stuffed Agra hall? Did I this year attend the most popular concerts? There was even an occasion where we could not get into the Werk II because there was a gigantic line of people waiting to get in. The greatest thing about the WGT is that with so many people present, there are always several more or less like myself. People whom I see during the Requiem of Brahms and with Feindflug. Beautiful girls wearing Haus Arafna shirts. Typical goths who appear to listen to 13th Monkey. Most of all, at any place and at any time, there will be some ‘black people’. At busstops, walking somewhere through town, even at a beach miles away from the city. Here is some visuals to get an idea:

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