Old stuff

A few weeks ago Markus of Steinklang needed either more space in his house or money, but he sent around a list with items from his personal collection to sell. I got myself a few nice items. The 2004 “Pulse” 7″ of Geneviève Pasquier, the 1999 7″ “Littleton” of Thorofon (there was some more Thorofon material on the list, but I did not want to buy it all, I have to mind the wallet too), the 2002 10″ “Die Sender Müssen Schweigen” of Anenzephalia, the 1998 “Riefenstahl” compilation (unfortunately there appears to be a boring, normal double cd), the 2002 compilation “Transmissions Of Hatred” (a lot of noise that is not of my taste, but Ex.Order is on it and also Operation Cleansweep) and the 2004 “Hau Ruck! Festival II” picture 10″. Perhaps I forgot something. It was a good occassion to see if my recordplayer still works, I do not use it all that often.
Last week Tesco had an overstock sale and I ordered myself some more old stuff. Hopefully it will arrive some time soon.

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