A little lesson in EBM

The first EBM that I heard was In Absentia. However they have not released anything since 1995, there are still several tracks to be found on Youtube.

The danceable style was quite new to me, but I liked it quite a bit. My following EBM project was Wumpscut, something a lot louder.

Wumpscut had softer tracks and tracks harder than what you just heard, more industrial. I got a few of Wumpscut’s (mini)albums, but on “Embryodead” (1997) the music became uninteresting and from later albums I never really heard the energy of the old style. In fact, I still do not know any electro project that comes anywhere near the quality of the early Wumpscut releases. This is one of the main reasons why I seldom listen to electro, EBM or related genres.

A kind of electro that I did like for a while (but also not too many projects) was the German style, especially that of Terminal Choice:

For a short while I had a look at where this music came from. Front 242 has but a few good albums (and at the time, a great many side projects). This is from “06:21:03:11 Up Evil” (1993)

I have heard my share of other electro and ebm in all its varieties (“terror ebm”, “hellectro”, “industrial electro”, etc. etc.), but it is all too soft and too boring for me.


Nothing like the good old :W: any suggestions?

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