A little lesson in noise

A few remarks to begin with. It will not be possible to give you a very thorough ‘lesson’ in noise with a little bit of text and examples, so just regard this text as an introduction. However I do not find Youtube a very fitting medium to listen to music, it does have some advantages for me. First, YT is quite static, a Myspace page will change tracks more often. Second, YT has become so common that with no effort whatsoever, I can ’embed’ YT films, while I would have to go through a lot more trouble to have you listen to Myspace tracks. I am not very fond of ’embedding’, since it means that what you see here, is actually located on another server. I would hate it if people did that with my material, but YT supports it, but the down part is, that when the clip is deleted for whatever reason, I have a broken link om my website. I do not intend to keep checking if the films I link to are still there, but should you find a missing one, just put a comment below and I will see what I can do about it.


It is not since very long that I can actually listen to noise. The main reason is that my first introduction to noise was the chaotic, extreme, unstructured kind. I can still not listen to something like this:

Brighter Death Now does also have material that is better to listen to, but a little too much of this for me to buy his albums. Yet, in the course of time there has been some quite extreme material that I do like. I like a little more structure though and a little more of that rhythm of the Brighter Death Now track. This relatively rhythmical kind of noise I usually describe as “industrial noise”. A good, but still rather extreme form is this:


This kind of noise gets some atmosphere, it is not just a collection of extreme sounds. A project that I really like is Ex.Order, a sideproject of the dark ambient musicians of Inade. Their music is very dark and moody. There is no really good film on YT, but this live performance has some of the good, new material with a fairly good sound.

This relatively tranquil kind of noise, I often describe as “ambient noise”. THE artist in this field is also the artist who showed me that there is also good noise and one of my favourite noise artists: Propergol. Propergol goes from very dark ambient, filmographic soundscapes to extreme outbursts of noise.

Just skip a little through the related tracks for more Propergol material. The older material is also too extreme for me, but the last albums are sublime. Jérôme has a label called Hermetique on which he released great material of Post Scriptvm, Sistrenatus and his many sideprojects.

The good thing about the noise scene is that is still develops. Some projects of old slowly develop towards other kinds of sounds. Two exemples to illustrate this are Thorofon and Haus Arafna.

They started as an extreme noise act, but later the sound got more rhythmical:

and that rhythmical sound became even more ‘discoish’, especially in the following project The Musick Wreckers and the two ‘sideprojects’ Dogpop and Geneviève Pasquier.

Haus Arafna also has an extreme musical past that I will not give an example of. Nowadays they go from a relatively harsch sound like this:

To what they call “angstpop”, which at times is almost atmospheric.

The nice thing about Haus Arafna is that the albums contain both harder and softer material (but less and less harder) and especially because of this mix, Haus Arafna has grown to be one of my favourite projects. Mr. and mrs. Arafna also have a very interesting label called Galakthorrö on which they release great music of Herz Jühning, Maska Genetik and a lot of other stuff. Just have a look through my music reviews.

Endnote. Of course these are but a few examples, but it may give you an idea of the variety of noise music and this is only from one scene! There are more styles, weird experimental, absurdly loud, rhythmless or rhythmical, something for anyone who can stand some tonal terrorism.

Oh, that a video is presented on YT does not mean that the artist put it there or that it is an official video, I just took a few examples, I mean no offence when I used illegal material.

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