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This is a multifaceted term [from Buryatian Bө-Murgel]. It denotes type(s) of energy which generations, progeny, health, long-life, sanity, respect, honour, military victory, protection, straight life path etc. In Russian anthropological works it is dubbed ‘soul-fate’. While hulde is necessary to enjoy a good life, if it happens to leave for whatever reason or be stolen, the person will not die, although they will experience a deterioration of good luck, health etc. and all the qualities described above may disappear altogether if hulde is not restored.
Hulde is not just personal energy. It is much wider than that. Each person, clan, tribe and nation has their hulde. For a clan, tribe and nation, the implications of losing hulde are the same – fortune disappears and things start going wrong. Quarrels and disagreements break out leading to the deterioration of the clan’s, tribe’s or nation’s wealth and successfull development is hindered. In its wider sense, hulde is an external energy present in the universe which can be invoked and internalized through offering and praying to teh protective deities of the clan, nation and tribe.
Although in many Russian scholarly works zayaashi-soul and hulde are considered synonymous and are both referred to as ‘soul-fate’, there is a clear difference between them. Hulde is a universal energy of prosperity, good luck and well-being while zayaashi is a personal protective deity.

Dmitry Ermakov in Bө & Bön p. 532-534

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