Phobos II

Yesterday we were at the second Phobos festival, organised by Martin of Phelios. The nice location was the Sophienkirche right in the middle of the nice city of Wuppertal. Apparently the church is still in use as a church. A bit strange to have beer-drinking and smoking people in there. In any case, there were five projects performing, four of which were a bit too dark ambient / soundscapish for me (Northaunt, Circular, Svartsinn and Raison d’Être) and one project for which I came: Land:Fire. The latter gave away a very nice ambient-noise show. There was a big screen for projections. These varried from explicit horror film scenes (Svartsinn) to psychedelic animations (Circular) to more of a compilation of images with a story and texts (Land:Fire). The venue was quite large, the seats very hard, but the atmosphere nice and the sound much better than expected.

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