Last weekend I saw In Slaughter Natives again. Yesterday I was playing the titleless debut album and my eye fell on the year of the recordings: 1988, the cd itself is of 1990. This guy has been making this kind of music for over two decades! What age does that give him when he started? A similar thought I had about Geneviéve Pasquier. Her Myspace says she is from 1979. With Thorofon started in 1995, that makes her 16 when she started to create extreme electronics (Courtman had a previous incarnation as Kommando). So where does that place me?
Looking back my metal period started when I was around that age, 16, 1991/2. For a few but active years I listed to blackmetal and from 1994 or so the related sideprojects that I liked better. Then Mortiis (with whom I was in contact) joined CMI and so did I (1994 I guess). I bought the larger part of the available back catalogue. For a couple of years I appear to have bought both metal and industrial, but the first came less and less and eventually just died away. I explored the larger gothic scene with medievalish things, mostly electro (for a short while) and later neofolk when I ran into Eis & Licht. I already knew L.O.K.I.-foundation with Turbund Sturmwerk and from them I also got Endura (demo!), Blood Axis and The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud. The latter I saw live a few times and at a concert bought the first Der Blutharsch 12″. But 1994/5 that is already 15 years of industrial music. I am getting old!
In all these years I have compilated a respectable (I think) discography. Most normal-sized cds are in the case below. Tapes, vinyl, special packages, etc. are stored elsewhere. I change the visible covers frequently. New titles so that I remember I have them, titles that I want to remember to play some time or simply a cover that I like. Do you recognise them all? Note that my musical taste goes beyond ‘the scene’.

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