Von Thronstahl live

I have seen Von Thronstahl a couple of times in the past 10 years, but this time there was a show in Germany on a secret location (of course). Present in the Ruhr-gebied in the afternoon, the expected SMS with the location did not arrive, but after some phonecalls we were on the way to some community centre in some suburb. First there were no less than three boring electro ‘performances’, meaning, music with dancers on stage. Another project whose name I do not remember made a more harsch form of electro or industrial with noisy tones alternated with lectures of which I did not understand much. Musically this was not too good, but in comparison with the rest, not a reason to leave the room. Von Thronstahl themselves gave a show with bad sound and unstructured songs, a bad combination. After a few tracks the guys were quite in their element and the performance was as energetic as other times that I saw them. Then some Australian woman (sorry, I did not recognise her) was pulled on stage and a few attempts to sing DI6’s “Little Black Angle” were made. After this the energy was mostly gone, only to return at the time when the venue had to be cleared. All in all I found the show amusing, but I have seen the band in better shape. The whole scene then had to move another 24 kilometres for another venue where a party with Forthcoming Fire and another Von Thronstahl performance was to take place, but since today is a working day, we decided to skip that second half.

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