Danger Man

Yesterday we started to watch “Danger Man”, the series that supposedly preceeded “Prisoner” and whose main character John Drake would be the nameless (but numbered) prisoner of that series. “Danger Man” started in 1960, is (of course) shot in black and white and appears to be that kind of James Bond or Avengers kind of series with secret agents and dangerous plots. The atmosphere, humour and acting reminds a lot of “Prisoner”, but “Danger Man” is more ‘normal’. All to be expected of course and the first two episodes where surely not disappointing.

What is disappointing is that I did not know that there were actually two series of “Danger Man” and I got myself the second…!! Starting in 1960 with three series and 39 half hour episodes, after three years of silence another four series started in 1964 with 50 minute episodes and these are the series that I got. Moreover, the series are in a different order on my DVDs than the broadcast list of IMdb…

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