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Welcome to “the blogs”

I used to make “blogs” per ‘section’ using “custom post types”. These were never really integrated into WordPress, so in the end, I decided to stop using them, because “custom post types” need some ‘tricks’ to display. I have moved them to this “this blogs” site so I can use standard WordPress functionality. This ‘section’ is a bit of a mishmash of blog-entries and quotes. It is not really meant to visit as a ‘normal section’. Here you better visit by category so you have all quotes, or all articles blogs together.

Should you be curious, here are the latest additions to this section:

  • Books
    All the sudden I felt the need to see if I could produce something more ‘durable’ than publishing online. A website may disappear, but books… Read More »Books
  • Like it’s 1999
    That is weird. I am currently playing around with book-producing (more about that later). I was looking back and noticed that I started Sententia in… Read More »Like it’s 1999
  • 2022 in books
    I do not often immediately buy a book when it is available. When I find a book that I want to read, it is usually… Read More »2022 in books
  • 2022 in film / series
    Just like with music, I no longer make an effort to review everything that I see. Little is released that I really want to see,… Read More »2022 in film / series
  • 2022 in music
    I do not really make an effort anymore to “scrobble” everything I listen to to used to be fun with a radio, recommendations,… Read More »2022 in music

On the right you can see the latest additions to the website as a whole.