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I used to make “blogs” per ‘section’ using “custom post types”. These were never really integrated into WordPress, so in the end, I decided to stop using them, because “custom post types” need some ‘tricks’ to display. I have moved them to this “this blogs” site so I can use standard WordPress functionality. This ‘section’ is a bit of a mishmash of blog-entries and quotes. It is not really meant to visit as a ‘normal section’. Here you better visit by category so you have all quotes, or all articles blogs together.

Should you be curious, here are the latest additions to this section:

  • Ex.Order @ Phobos
    There was a time that I did not go to the Wave Gotik Treffen every single year and one year that I missed (2012) Ex.Order […]
  • Staalplaat
    Many years ago, whenever I was in Amsterdam, I popped into the tiny cellar where Staalplaat had its base. Much music they sold (or released!) […]
  • Want
    Are you jealous of people who always seem to know what they want? These people who have set their mind on becoming somebody important in […]
  • Still writing
    Believe it or not, but I am actually still writing fairly actively. As I have said elsewhere, I have been working on other websites for […]
  • What a lousy job
    “His or ours, Hank?” Mine! I used to use a plugin to pull post titles from other websites under the domain (all ‘sections’ are separate […]

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  4. Sorry, just saw you already knew about Hades having changed their name.

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