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The esoteric traditions of the West: part I

An old article from my ‘Theosophical period’, but still republished, since it opens for the ‘series’ about the esoteric systems of the West.

Early times

To make a start with these series about the esoteric tradition(s) from the west I will go back a long way in time, even before ‘our periode’, the times of Atlantis and farther back. The best basis to build on is the quite well-known (and controversial) theory of the globes and races of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (often abbreviated to HPB) (1831-1891) which she wrote down in her monumental work “The Secret Doctrine” from 1888*1. read more

Lola Rennt

This article was written quite a while back. After publishing my article “The Matrix and the Eastern doctrine of Maya” in the Dutch magazine “Religie & Mystiek” the readers asked for a similar article based on a film. I knew that Lola Rennt (“Lola runs”) is a good film to explain Karma, so I wrote the article below. It was supposed to be published in the last issue, but due to miscommunication, it will be in the upcoming issue. Here you have the English version: read more

Karma and free will

Many lengthy articles have been written about this subject. If you believe in Karma, can you believe in free will? Isn’t Karma just another word for Fate? Isn’t everything predestined? Most people will say “no”. We don’t like the idea of having no free will and many articles about this paradox are mostly to defend the idea of the free will within the ‘law of karma’. Personally I think I don’t need such a lengthy article to explain my view on the subject. read more

The Matrix

I think many of you will have seen the movie The Matrix. It took a long time before I came to watch it myself, because I am no fond of action movies nor easily impressed by new technology. When I did see it in the end (quite a while ago now) I not only enjoyed the movie quite a bit, but I found it a very good way of explaining the ancient Eastern doctrine of Maya (illusion) to a young western audience.

For your remembrance and for those who haven’t seen the movie yet, the basic idea behind the film as introduction to the article. read more

Quantum Physics

Yes, more science, but this time more ‘real’ science than in “science vs spirituality”. In this article I will hopefully learn you a bit about the interesting subject of quantum physics in which scientists did and do discoveries that seem quite disturbing and which forced them to philosophise to find a descent answer. There are different opinions and theories and (as usual) this divides the scientific community in two camps: materialists and those who believe that there is more than meets the eye. read more


The spinning earth gives us a certain regularity. So do the changing seasons (the earth going around the sun). Over time mankind has scaled this regularity and ‘invented’ what we call time.
A full round of seasons became a year. Each season was divided into three months. A month consists of 28 to 31 days.
Of course this is known to you. What you may also know is that it was Julius Ceasar who came up with the calendar as we still use it today.
Inside this calendar there are days and a nights which together became 24 hours. Hours were split up into minutes and they in seconds and so forth. read more

Atmospheric revolution

Recently I have been reading various Rosicrucian works. In the book that I am working on now there is a most remarkable chapter. It is about the Rosicrucian view on the changing atmosphere and the concequences of that. I had never read anything like this and the chapter contains a couple of highly considerate ‘prophecies’.
The book called “De Grote Omwenteling” (“the Great Revolution” (or just “turn” maybe)) is written by the outstanding Dutch Rosicrucians Jan van Rijckenborgh and Catharose de Petri who wrote various works together and separate in the first half of the twentiest century. It is said that their works are available in fifteen different languages. read more

After death

The second subject is kind of difficult, or at least, it's quite complicated in my view. I shall tell you first what a human is, that's necessary to tell you what happens after we leave our physical body (my view of course). Further down you'll read about heaven, hell and purgatory and all interesting things that will come over us when we die.

First I must warn/tell you that my view