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Atmospheric revolution

Recently I have been reading various Rosicrucian works. In the book that I am working on now there is a most remarkable chapter. It is about the Rosicrucian view on the changing atmosphere and the concequences of that. I had never read anything like this and the chapter contains a couple of highly considerate ‘prophecies’.
The book called “De Grote Omwenteling” (“the Great Revolution” (or just “turn” maybe)) is written by the outstanding Dutch Rosicrucians Jan van Rijckenborgh and Catharose de Petri who wrote various works together and separate in the first half of the twentiest century. It is said that their works are available in fifteen different languages.

The atmosphere of the earth is of a complex composition. Besides the known gasses oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon there are also certain “noble gasses” (I don’t know the english word for this) and compositions with those. Interplanetary, cosmic and spiritual radiation work on our atmosphere bringing continues changes in it. Therefor it is impossible to say that our atmosphere is the same as ten years ago. It is logical that the atmosphere has a lot of influence on the earth and it’s inhabitants. Only think of non-smokers who get irritated by the smell of cigarettes or churches that are filled with the scent of incense to bring a ‘virtues surrounding’, the delight you feel when you are out of the city in the woods or open air or on holiday in the mountains.
The first example of the consequences of these changes in the mentioned book are the plane crashes in the years 1946 and 1947. The writers claim that esoteric investigation showed that these were often caused by flying through clouds with high concentrations of certain noble gasses that caused short periodes of unconsciousness by the pilots.
Noble gas A (which is an esoteric indication and not a scientific one) can cause such moments of unconsciousness, but also abnormality of the senses or numbing of feeling. It also causes breathing problems and many diseases of the heart.
Noble gas B is ‘responsible’ for exposing much which was hidden until now and the dropping of the curtains between this and the other side (life and death).
Another thing that is caused by these gasses is the speeding up of ‘metaltiredness’ and rust. Ultraviolet radiation, in combination with certain noble gasses, causes the demolition of ancient buildings and disturbances in engines and instruments.
A strange disease that is named ‘stone plague’ -for example- caused big pieces of stone to fall of the famous gothic chapel the “Notre Dame” in Paris. Even restorations suffered the same fate in a short periode.

But back to noble gas B which will expose much of what used to be hidden.

The element phosphor is an essential element for the materialisations that occur during spiritistic experiments. All entities living in the ethereal sphere consist for a large part of phoshor. These entities are the natural elements and spirits, but in particular the earthbound spirits (those who died but for one reason or another stay bound to the earth). Especially the last mentioned attrackt extra phosphor from the small brains of the medium and the other participants of the experiment in order to form the picture that the spiritists are looking for.
Noble gas B will have a growing influence on our atmosphere and phosphorise it. In certain parts of this earth this has already happened by our own nuclear tests and bombings.
The causes of this will be that all elements/spirits that are built of phoshor will become visible to the human eye. This change will of course have far reaching consequences. Not only will spiritists see the real nature of the spirits they used to call upon and not the forms that they created for them, but other people will have their first glance of other spheres than our own. In all the visuality of these lower spirits will cause so much disgust among the human species, that the spirits will shy away and leave the ethereal sphere.
Another possibility is that many people will see the spirits as gods and worship them. A brilliant example of this in the book is that the visitors of a church can now see the spirits that wander around in the church and partake in the massmagic. Because some of these spirits are four or five meters high and floating through the church, you can imagine what effect this will have on the churchgoers and what the leaders of the church are going to do to make money out of such an event. The point is that such a low spirit is actually supposed to continue it’s journey and not to stick around a church like that.
Maybe people will even believe that such spirits are angels, while nothing is less true.

Another effect of the phosphorising atmosphere is that more colors will be visible and more tones audible. The visible colorspectre will be enlarged with ultraviolet and infrared. Needless to say that humanity will see everything in an entirely different perspective since these colors have always been here, but we have never been able to see them. This will -for example- have a major effect on art and artists creating something that has never been possible before.
The visibality of infrared and ultraviolet will soon cause the audibilitity of them as well, since hearing goes hand in hand with seeing. The tonescale will be enlarged from seven to nine tones, added with extremely low and extremely high sounds.
Another ‘prophecy’ in the book is that science will use these extra tones to make a ‘soundbomb’ (something that they are already experimenting with by the way, only fifty years after this book was written). Such a bomb will cause an extremely high sound that makes no explosion, but causes the sudden dissolvement and pulvarisation of all solid materials, liquids and gasses. The result will be far more horrid than the result of a nuclear bomb.

Phosphorising is of course not the only change that our atmosphere will undergo, but the writers of the book only wrote a few things as indication of things to come and didn’t want to say too much about it. I can imagine -though- that our selfcaused increase of carbon in the air (CO2, caused by cars, chimneys, etc.) will have more consequences than the greenhouse-effect. But even that effect alone will have results so farreaching that everybody knows that something has to be done.

All in all this is something I hadn’t heard of before, but is sure is worth a good overthinking. I would appreciate if you let me know your thoughts on all this, possible other changes, causes or whatever.


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  1. I understand that this article is very old, but I managed to find this and I’ll give my opinion here; I am very interested in the Rosicrucian writings. Though I know that a lot of people are sceptic on the truth of it, I have found many of the things that they speak of to be very true. And, not only true, but a lot of other very good writers that I enjoy, (such as Emmet Fox and Louis Hay) I have found to share ideas.

  2. Hello!
    Let me suggest you a very good spiritual book: Mikhail Naimy: The Book of Mirdad”. It was Osho’s favourite book, as he said: “Thiss is the only book, which I can compare to the Bible, or other great books…” And: the “Book Of Mirdad” is translated and published by the Lectorium Rosicrucianum, the School of Golden Rosycross.

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